Karin and Mike Kelleher’s album Mélange not only blends jazz and classical compositions and styles, it also combines different eras, with unique instrumentation, including string quartet, acoustic bass, drums, guitar, oboe, and voice -- all acoustic instruments and performances.  Here are some of my favorite tracks from our album! 

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Here are some of my favorite tracks from our album! 


Beautiful Pain, written and sung by Mike Kelleher


My Love Isn't, written and sung by Mike Kelleher

Clair de Lune


Cover art and design:                 Peter Howells.

Special thanks to my former student, Collin Leix for her animation of Dolphin Dance and Something. 

Photography: Karen Elliot Greisdorf

"Ensemble counterlines unfurl with grace.... Charts lope along with swing feel…and Karin’s eager violin obbligatos.​ (Mike’s) earnest tenor sounds best (think Kurt Elling or Theo Bleckmann) at low volume and intensity on ‘Ancka’s Dolphin Dance,’ the Hancock favorite enriched with fresh lyrics and ripe choral overdubs.“ 

Downbeat Magazine

"...these thoughtfully rendered pieces have the quality of art song.  A showcase of complex meter, harmonic creativity, and vocal alacrity is rarely so listenable. When it's over, you miss it."  

Roxane Assaf, Huffington Post